Thursday, June 26, 2003

Again, out of date. But there are only a few of these, so deal with it. This was the weekend of June 14 :)

Just got back from a FANTASTIC weekend in Anacortes, WA. Spent two nights, the first time Suzi and I have had two nights in a row together without the kids in six years, at this great bed and breakfast called The Nantucket Inn.

Took Saturday and rode the ferry to Friday Harbor and ttoured the San Juan Islands on the ferry.

It was very fun. Hit the outlet stores north of Mt Vernon on the way home and got some clothes. I won't have to go shopping again until about 2006. Which is a Good Thing(tm).

Overall, quite the good Father's Day. Beth stayed with the kids, we had a great weekend, and came home to super soakers, mowing the lawn, and bbq'ing some burgs and dogs. Finally getting back to work after missing three days last week to a seriously sore back. I'm back to about 85%. Spent most of the weekend sitting down and taking it easy on our tour of the San Juans. This week is going to be painful. Lots to catch up on at work and a garage sale this weekend.

Definitely well rested after the weekend however. A good break.

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