Monday, July 07, 2003

Fourth of July Weekend

I think I got more sun this weekend in three days than I got most of all last summer. And I only got sunburned on the nose. Staggering. I was also sick, as in 101+ fever sick, so had to fight with that on and off. This damn head cold WILL NOT DIE but at least the fever's gone so hopefully I'm on the up and up. Barbecue at friends on Friday afternoon, fireworks at other neighbors Friday night (after coming out of fever hibernation at home and leaving the earlier bbq early), birthday bbq at another neighbors on Saturday. Sunday was an afternoon at Marymoor park with the fam, including picnic lunch. Fun had by all there. Then, ANOTHER BBQ sunday night at our house with neighbor friends to end up the weekend.

Overall, a lot of chickens and cows and pigs (had some pork loins and hot dogs too) were harmed (KILLED in fact) in the making of the fourth of july weekend. The humane society was not present, and PETA would NOT have been pleased. Nor would vegetarians. Also, lots of stuff was blown up and no one's house burned to the ground, which contributed to the happiness of the entire neighborhood.

And now, off to the week and back to work...

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