Sunday, July 27, 2003

Welcome to Medford, OR. It's not just hot, it's DAMN hot...

Welp, after 9.5 fun-packed hours in the car on I-5, 3 major accidents, and two major construction slowdowns, we made it to Medford to visit Mom and Bert. Only to get out of the nicely air conditioned car into 102 degree weather. At 6pm. For some reason, lots of people live here and seem to enjoy it. It's as hot as Texas. Crazy.

Went and saw "Professor Bubbles" today at the Science Works museum in Ashland. That was wicked cool. The kids really enjoyed it too. Pretty fun place. Off tonight to see Pirates of the Carribean. Of any movie of all time, this one should be rated Arrrrrrrrrrrr! But it's only PG-13. I guess it will have to do.

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