Saturday, February 14, 2004

Ahhhh.... Vacation...

Finally... After three weeks of Christmas vacation was cancelled due to work, I'm on vacation. Two weeks of sweet, tender, juicy vacation. Lots planned. Making a game room for the kids, trip to the Science Center, Josh's birthday (and of course his birthday party, Scooby Doo!), and general spring cleanup (taxes, barkdust, and so on). Not to forget, lots of xbox :) And that's just the first week! Then, Mom's coming to visit for a week. The kids are hyped for Grammy B to be here.

Work has been SERIOUSLY busy. Doing two projects at a time, but doing well on both. One's hopefully gonna wrap up here soon so that will be nice to actually get something FINISHED. :) It'll be nice to decompress for a while and not worry about work. I'm gonna stick to two weeks without checking work email. I'll have about 2000 mails when I get back, but that's ok. I need two weeks without even thinking about it. Usually takes the first week to decompress to where I'm not. Hopefully it will come sooner and I can have just that much more downtime.

Tonight, for Valentine's day, it's off to Bel Square for PF Changs. We did some babysitting swapping so we watched a friends kids last night and they're watching ours tonight. That's much nicer than like $35 just to get out of the door, not counting meals or movies or whatever. Need to arrange this more. However, having six kids in the house for a while can be "interesting" :) As Bert always said: "everyone should have six". Well, I can tell you that it's just not true ;) Three is happily enough. Six is like having your own zoo. It's a total freakshow...

Well, off to the Mall and build-a-bear workshop for Josh.

Hopefully I can update this thing more often than once every 4 months... ;)

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