Wednesday, September 15, 2004

San Juan

Played a game of San Juan tonight as part of "game night" with folks from work. Also played Cosmic Encounter. Both are very fun games. I tied for winning at Cosmic Encounters (somehow, since I got spanked throughout most of the game) and lost at San Juan.

Cosmic Encounter, due to the rules being different every time, is almost like playing a new game each time. The rules are changed (sometimes dramatically) by picking your race at the beginning of the game. Your race gives you a particular power. Tonight, Tom had the power to choose who's attacked each round instead of letting the cards do it. He made sure I was attacked every round. However, Aaron had the power to choose the end game criteria (and not tell anyone, but instead make it a guessing game where each round we asked a yes/no question as to how the game). As it ended up, Aaron and I met that end-game criteria simultaneously and we tied to win. Hard to explain, fun to play.

San Juan is just a great, fun, very strategic game. I'm tired tonight, so no details on it other than it's very challenging and versatile, and very fun...

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