Monday, July 18, 2005

New House

Yeah, they're all bundled up since I haven't posted in about 8 months...

We bought a new house and just moved in starting the first of July. Here's a pic of the house before we moved in (so the barkdust is gone and the car is theirs, not ours). We spent the first week+ moving ourselves in and having the movers come for the big furniture. It's a sweet place... 4br, bonus, den, 3 car garage, over half an acre, hot tub, tree house, and those trees are in a nice ravine that you can't build in so we're in that cul-de-sac in the forest forever :)

Gotta get AC, put up some paint and window coverings, and pull out all of the weeds in the back yard.

We're still unpacking, but have enough out to survive (theatre, xbox, internet, comptuer, etc) :)

If you want to contact us, phone number is the same and you can email me for our address if you need it.

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