Monday, July 18, 2005

Post Bachelor Party

What a GREAT weekend (other than crappy traffic between Portland and Seattle). Brandon Post, a buddy of mine from college, is getting married next weekend, and last weekend was his bachelor party. So Dave Turner, who has about 8 acres of land out past Sandy, OR (about 4 miles past B.F.E.) graciously donated his land to be partied upon for the bachelor festivities.

In attendance were (at least): Post, Turner, Haugen, Luke, Zube, Zak Borg, Cordell, Chuck, Eric Larsen, Bryce, Mike Henebree (sp?), Bill, Pierce, and a lot of others that I met but don't remember all the names :)

I think Post had a good time, as at peak of Saturday night's festivities he shouted out: "Beer, Vodka, Jeeps, Guns, and Women. Now THIS is my pace!" :)

Spent Friday night eating great steaks, drinking beers, and hanging out. Saturday was wheelin, shootin, and clearing out the party spot at the top of Dave's. Saturday night was big bonfire and partying at the top of the hill and then apparently the goal was to break as many vehicles at the top of the hill as possible. Zak broke part of his axle on his jeep and his left wheel was falling off, the "Marlin Perkins Mobile" (a windshield-less jeep wagoneer) and another rig got flat tires in the main roadway, a GMC blew the electrical system (thanks for the tunes and christmas lights all night tho!), and another pickup got stuck on some branches and debris.

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