Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Beach Trip Day 1

We headed out of Seattle with the LaBordes: Suzi, Michelle, Katelyn, Jessie, and Ryan in the Yukon and Mark, Pat, Josh, and Brandon in the Subaru. South to Portland (with the standard stop in Centralia to eat at the Burgerville) and then west to Cannon Beach. Pretty non-eventful trip with no traffic.

Got into Tolavana Tuesday afternoon around 3pm and got all checked into our two suites right on the beach next to Mo's. We headed to Mo's for dinner (mmm... combo plate) and some Rogue Mo's Bronze Ale and then headed to the beach. The ladies headed down the beach for a short walk and the rest of us played in the sand. Once the sun started going down, it was back to the hotel for beers, sodas, and chatter time.

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