Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Beach Trip Day 2

Got a good sleep-in Wednesday morning and outside it was drizzling. I had checked the weather before leaving Portland and Wednesday was supposed to be "the crappy day" so we had some breakfast and headed out for Seaside to hit Broadway, the fun areas, and some shopping for the ladies. Got in the required bumper cars, mini golf, tilt-a-whirl, carousel, and such while Suzi and Michelle got in some store-hopping. We spent some time searching for each other and finally hooked up back at the Carousel.

I went into the "Mostly Hats" store and found some colored baseball hats with the propellers on the top for the new product team at work. We had been joking that we need team hats and we should get propeller hats, so the fact that I found them meant I HAD to pick up three: one for me, one for Erik (other dev) and one for Mona (our new PM).

Later, back to the hotel for swimming in the WAY-OVER-CHLORINATED pool, a GREAT dinner (Suzi and Michelle brought "dream dinners", meals prepared before hand) and then headed down to the beach to build a bon-fire. We got a nice roaring fire, made smores and marshmallows, and stayed out there till about 11:30. Great day for a "crappy day" weather-wise.

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