Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beach Trip Day 3

Slept in a bit again. Suzi went for an early walk alone on the beach and I read the paper and the kids watched cartoons. Headed over to the other hotel room and had bread pudding for a late breakfast and then headed off (a whole 30 feet) for a day at the beach. We built a ginormous castle, complete with moat and surrounding walls.

Some other folks were down the coast building another sand castle and came by and the Dad (yes, the Dad) commented to Jessie and Ryan and Brandon: "our sandcastle is better. that's nice, but it's pretty small and not as nice as ours". What a total jackass. I'm really glad I wasn't there to hear it as he'd have been promptly buried underneath our sand fortress head-first. :) What a great role-model for his kids. At least his girls said nice things. Moral here: some people are just jackasses. Blew me away...

After lots of splashing in the waves, Pat, Josh, Brandon, and I headed down the coast and walked to Haystack Rock. The weather was GORGEOUS and we walked out to the rock and saw some crabs, chased the birds, and navigated the deep sand-craters under the water, trying not to go waist-deep in the water.

After getting back and showering off the sand/grit, we headed off to Mo's again for seafood. I got Suzi a "mood ring" since she joked about getting it so I could have her a ring for our 10 year anniversary tomorrow. The REAL one I bought her is still being resized and we won't have it back until early next week. When she put it on, the ring turned a nice green so she must have liked it. :)

After dinner, most folks wanted to walk down to Haystack Rock again. I was somewhat beached-out so I volunteered to take anyone that didn't want to go on the walk back to our hotel room and hang out. Ryan and Katelyn joined me and the rest are now still out on that walk. The weather outside is simply gorgeous. It's about 70 degrees with a light wind and mostly clear skies. I don't understand the
people out neck-deep swimming in the 45 degree water. It's numbing, as you'd expect at the Oregon Coast, but the folks out there today without wet suits are truly insane. :)

I'd be uploading these as I go, but wireless access in the rooms will only be "available soon" and it's currently only in the lodge / lobby so I don't have internet access without going down there. So I'm writing these up in the hotel room and I'll zap them onto the blog later.

Tomorrow, it's another day at the beach and I think Suzi, Michelle, and Katelyn are going to head into Cannon Beach to do some shopping. Tomorrow night, Suzi and I are going out for dinner for our ten-year wedding anniversary. We've been talking about going to Dooger's (great restaurant in Cannon that we usually try to make it to each time we get out here) but Suzi also suggested trying something new so we might do some exploring before we sit down to decide on where we'd like to eat. I'm hoping we'll do another bon-fire after we get back from dinner.

Saturday, we leave early afternoon to head back to Portland and have dinner with Suzi's folks who have invited all of us and Sami and Brad over for "fried chicken bake" and have the kids check out the garden railroad at Grandpa Bill's.

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