Friday, August 19, 2005

Beach Trip Day 4

Today, we were up early (6am early) and headed out around 7am to walk the approx 1.5 miles up the coast to Haystack Rock. The tide is the lowest there it's been in a long time (according to the Fish and Wildlife Service lady we talked to) and so we got a great look at all of the tide pools. It was VERY foggy and the rock appeared out of the mist almost at the end of the walk. We saw lots of sealife and the kids had a great time checking everything out. We also found some WHOLE sand dollars on the way to Haystack, which is something I've never found before. They're usually broken. You can't collect anything at the rock itself (it's protected) but we saw some good stuff along the way.

After the walk, we were all tired and took a nap for a few hours. Suzi and Michelle then left to take on Cannon Beach shopping and Pat and I stayed back, did some laundry, had some lunch, and spent over two hours at the pool. The kids are all fishes so we had a great time there splashing around, swimming, and teaching Brandon to dive.

The women came back, we had some dinner, and then Suzi and I headed out for dessert for the 10 year anniversary. It was NOT meant to be. :) We had a nice time, but there were several obstacles in the way. One place we wanted to go had a big letter posted on it about how they don't have time to cater to your kids and if they're noisy take them outside, etc. We didn't have our kids with them, but we both agreed it was pretty rude, so we left there. The next place we found was more of a coffee shop, so we skipped that and headed to where we were going to go in the first place: Dooger's Seafood Grill. But, the service was sort of crufty, Suzi had floaters in her water, and the air conditioning vent was underneath our table and kicked on just as we got dessert and was blowing all over us (it was NOT cold). So, we called it a night, headed back and proceeded to build a ginormous bonfire on the beach and make s'mores. There were a TON of fires out and lots of friendly folks around.

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