Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beach Trip Day 5

All good things must come to an end, and today is no exception. Of course, the weather today was the best of them all, since today's when we're leaving Cannon Beach. After a morning of packing and checking out (amazing how long that takes with a family of five), we headed into town. It was a TOTAL ZOO. It took us about 30 minutes to find two parking spots and then even longer to find a place to eat that could seat us all. We tried Bill's Tavern, but they were "seat yourself" and finding seating for nine was just NOT going to work. So we headed to this pizza place (can't remember the name now... Pelatto's???) and had a beer and GREAT PIZZA.

After lunch, it was off to the Oregon Gallery so I could once again look at the three-paned picture of Cannon Beach that I've always wanted to buy but never have a wall for. This was true again today, so I looked at the picture and left it there on the wall of the gallery. We DID however, buy a nice painting to hang in the family room on the stone fireplace, once we figure out how to mount something to stone bricks :)

We got packed and headed into Beaverton and tonight we're staying at the Hilton Homewood Suites (which has in-room internet access, FINALLY!) so that I can check up on the state of the world and post my blog... We'll all be heading to Suzi's folks tonight for fried chicken and to let the kids chase the garden railway at Grandpa Bill's. Then, it's off to Seattle tomorrow to sit in traffic on another fine Sunday before heading back to work.


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