Thursday, August 11, 2005

Going to PDC

So, I found out yesterday I'm heading to the PDC in September. I need to brush up on my blogging so I can blog the contents of my trip while I'm there. Also, I get to experience the joy of the mountain of paperwork required for setting up travel with Microsoft for the first time. Get AMEX card. Book conference (oh wait, you don't have an AMEX yet, fill out special expense report). Book airfare/hotel (oh wait, you don't have a travel profile setup yet). Setup travel profile (oh wait, that takes a day or so to get setup so you can access booking airfare/hotel). Hope this all gets done since Friday is my last day in the office before my vacation next week and I don't want the hotels to sell out.

It should be fun though. I haven't been to Los Angeles in many years other than just visiting the airport on a transfer. The conference is right next to Universal Studios also, and the big "blowout party" on Wednesday night is actually at Universal Studios. I'm hoping to do the Saturday stayover and spend Saturday perhaps doing the tram tour or Disneyland, etc getting some goodies to bring home to the wife and kids. Gotta check with the manager for approval...

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Todd said...

Make sure you fly from Seattle to LA via Austin.