Monday, September 12, 2005

Cue Twilight Zone Theme

This is the strangest place I've ever been, and no I don't just mean Los Angeles. The Mondrian Hotel is great, but it's very... strange... As a fellow Microsoftie whom I met on the plane mentioned (he had stayed here in the past), it's very "rock star-ry". It's very Austin Powers groovy baby yeah and everyone is dressed in all white, many in Dr Evil-esque outfits. I didn't get any pictures tonight, but I will before I leave. This whole place is very white. White curtains, white tablecloths, floors, ceilings, everything. There are barely any bare walls, they're covered with curtains. I have a nice balcony room with a GREAT view of downtown Los Angeles and the hotel is right across the street from The Comedy Store and next to The House of Blues. George Thorogood will be there tomorrow night. Might be worth checking out to have a beer and listen to some music...

It was late and I was hungry so I ate at the hotel restaurant. Accounting will be very displeased if I eat every meal here, but I don't know my way around and I needed to eat so I ate at the Asian Cuba restaurant. Quite the expensive (around $20 for an appetizer, $35-50 for entrees) but also quite the good. I kept myself to an entree of Beef Spare Ribs in a spicy asian sauce rubbed in orange sauce with rice and black beans. Mmmmm... Tasty...

Now to get my stuff together, look through the schedule and get some sleep for tomorrow morning. I'm going to need to allocate time to get there. It took me an hour to get here from the airport. I'm betting on 30 minutes to make the 8 mile journey by taxi from here to the LA Convention Center. And they supposedly have breakfast there at the conference so I can skip out on the restaurant... ;)

I'll upload a picture of the view in the morning when the sun comes up. My night time pictures didn't come out very well.

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