Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 3 Begins...

Yesterday had several keynotes and some good depth in the seminars on Avalon and Indigo. I think the codenames will stay with those projects forever, since "Windows Communication Foundation" just takes too long to say, and WCF isn't a "catchy" acronym. The codenames are cooler anyway...

Last night was the Universal Studios party. After a nice long wait at the Westin Bonaventure for a bus, we got up there around 7:30. There are no buses from convention center, they're all from the "PDC Hotels", where I'm not staying. They were all sold out, so I rode a bus to the hotel to catch a bus to the party. The party itself was great. They had live entertainment, desserts on tables along the street, and we had at most a 5 minute wait for any of the shows. I ended up booking through it and seeing pretty much everything. I rode Revenge of the Mummy twice and that ride is GREAT. I participated in the Special Effects show, chained to a spinning wall that turned me into a skeleton. I also got to attack another attendee woman with a large cat paw and have my arm cut open with a fake knife (blood and all). I wish I was here with someone else to have gotten pictures of it. I'm sure there are many people in the world who would like to see me chained to the wall of an Egyptian tomb, screaming as I'm about to be tortured and killed. :)

Today I headed over again this morning and I'm going to talks all day long starting at 10am. I'm getting pretty tired of all of the taxis in LA having "the computer is broken" problems with their credit card machines. I know they're full of it, but I don't need to have a huge argument twice a day. I get to personally finance my $100/day taxi fund to get me to/from the conference. Blech. Anyway, the conference itself is solid and today should be another 9 hour day of seminars and talks on Avalon, Indigo, Atlas, Web Service Security, and the one I'm looking forward to the most: Raymond Chen's talk on "5 things every win32 developer should know". Raymond's a story amongst himself and I look forward to hearing his talk.

Tomorrow is a half day and then straight to the airport at 2:30. I'm hoping to get an earlier flight if possible, since my flight now is around 8:40pm. I scheduled it late knowing it would be a zoo to get out and now knowing that I could check my suitcase here at the conference on Friday. So now, I don't have to go back to the hotel first. Crossing my fingers I can get out a few hours early. Don't let me down Alaska Airlines!

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Todd said...

There has to be something with those LA cab drivers. When we were in LA (June 2004) we took a cab to the airport and had the same deal. "Oh, the reception here is really bad, you should have known." WTF? I, as a visitor to your supposedly world-class city, am supposed to know you are still stuck in the dark ages with a paper-money-based economy?

Of course, this happens at the end of the trip instead of at the beginning. My theory on this is that the drivers must get stuck paying the interchange fee with the card merchant. If they really weren't able to take credit cards, they'd say so at the start of the trip otherwise they run a huge risk of getting stiffed at the end. Because not all of us carry $100 in paper money.