Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First Day is over

The first day of PDC is over. There's a PDC Underground event going on tonight at the Westin, and they might have free food so I'll probably check that out before heading back to the hotel. I'm not sure I can sit through 3 more hours of talks today since I've been at it since 7am, though.

Just finished a talk on Avalon ^h^h^h Windows Presentation Foundation and how powerful the separation between design and code is. It was very nice to see major updates to the UX without changing any code. I can definitely see the advantages here, and the UX looks nice and does "the right thing" when it's in there.

Earlier, I went to a talk on using Indigo ^h^h ;) for peer to peer application development, but it wasn't very useful at all. Way too high level and hand-wavy without any meat on the actual problems at hand (e.g. key management for certificates used for message auth, password infrastructure, granting/denying access from groups of connected clients, xpsp2 downlevel specifics vs Vista, etc). Hopefully the other Indigo talks will give more substance.

The bummer is that MSFT employees can't participate in a lot of the goings-on. They had a great deal on a pocket pc with a keyboard, wifi, etc but we can't participate. We also can't participate for prizes in some of the competitions. I totally understand they don't want msft employees coming in and snagging all of the goodies, but I think the separation should be at the presenter/staff level and let the general attendees participate. We're here just like everyone else: learning... Bummer, but I'm sure I'll get over it :)

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