Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PDC Keynote (and lunch) is over

Lots of info at the keynote this morning.

Atlas -- AJAX tech built into vs.net
MAX -- saw the demo on this a while back when it was Project M(ilkshake)
Office 12 first ever demo
Sidebar and gadget development
Windows SideShow (2nd display for laptops, also a home for gadgets)
QuickTabs in IE7 -- ability to show all of your tabs and save them all together as a single favorite to bring up all of your sites at once
RSS integration and the RSS data store to build apps on
New Office12 UX -- Great stuff here (maybe i'll finally care about how to use Excel)
CryTek "next technology" demo, although not sure what this has to do with Vista, it's more a testament to faster hardware and much better GPUs
WPF / E -- E is for "everywhere". upcoming tech for lightweight runtime to run WPF (aka Avalon) on other devices/platforms. XAML + Javascript
POCKETPC OFFER. This wifi phone/pocketpc/keyboard/vga screen/supergizmo looks pretty cool at first glance. Need to spend a bit more time checking it out at the Mobile booth.

Need to get more info on:
Transacted storage (registry, file system, plug in your own data store, etc)
Big WinFX slide from msdn / comnet

The NetFlix demo was GREAT but showing the TabletPC value of "hey, you can use the stylus as a mouse pointer" was totally stupid. If that's the biggest value prop that developers can add to support the tablet, then that segment is in big trouble.

Got "The Goods", nearly 30gb of DVD content and software. Haven't cracked it open yet, but I'll probably put VS.NET 2005 RC0 on my laptop by EOD. Not going to risk driver issues with Vista on my laptop. I can install a later build of it when i get back to the office. I'm running later builds there anyway.. ;)

Spent some time in the booths. Most of it is "new chart controls!" or development tools integration (build, project/process management, version control, etc) that we don't need in our group since we already have them.

Off to breakout sessions to get more in depth. Oh, and the internet connectivity here is pretty poor...

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